21 Must-Watch Mountain Movies During COVID-19 Lockdown

An excellent list of mountain movies that explore the relationship between humans and mountains. Ever wondered why we climb, maybe these movies hold a clue

The Quest for the Sleeping Buddha – A Sandakphu trek video

This Sandakphu trek video is about a trekker’s quest for the Sleeping Buddha. We were left with goosebumps after watching this video, for the raw emotions that Vijesh has managed to capture.

A New Year in Sandakphu

Ever since his trek to Sandakphu in March 2015, the image of the Sleeping Buddha haunted Sharat. He came back on the trek again in December to find a different shade to a very familiar trail.

Sandakphu: Seeing the Everest at the horizon

Have you ever been in such a height where the sun begins to rise from below you? On a trek where one foot is in a different country than the other? That’s Sandakphu for you.