Why I Regret My Trek To Kedarkantha After Completing Rupin Pass

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How Indiahikes is making your trek safe

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Why Trekkers need to take Safety on Treks more Seriously

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Fighting AMS with a Strong Will and Focus

Imran Bhaidani trained for a whole year before attempting to trek to Stok Kangri in Leh. But he had to face hurdle after hurdle. What could it be, if not fitness? Read this interview with him, where he tells us what it was like to be faced with problems despite his determination and discipline.

Stok Kangri: Why it is important to adopt the right mind-set during treks

One of the most important qualities to have while trekking is a positive mind-set. Deepak Das, who went to Stok Kangri in July 2014, elucidates on this, by recollecting his experience during this sought-after trek in Nepal. He was titled the Most Valuable Trekker of his batch.