The Chadar Frozen River Trek – The Story Of How Indiahikes Introduced This Trek In India

Here’s the thrilling backstory of how the founders of Indiahikes introduced the only trek on the Frozen River in India – the Chadar trek

Photography tips for a trek

Ever wondered how pictures of the Himalayas look so mind-blowing? Well, most credit goes to the mountains and valleys themselves, but it takes skill to capture them beautifully. With these tips and tricks on photography by Dr. Arun Nayak, you can click brilliant pictures with your equipment too!  

Solo vs Sahib Style Trekking

Solo trekker Sathya Venkatachari puts down the pros and cons solo trekking and “sahib” style trekking. Which one would you choose?

Why You Must Go On A Trek Date Before Getting Married

Arjun Majumdar talks about how a trek helps in making a better choice of a life partner.