Why Each Campsite on the Hampta Pass trek is Unique

One of the striking things about Hampta Pass trek is its unique campsites. Each one is different from the other. This blog dives deep into why each campsite is unique. Take a look!

Why Hampta Pass Is A Superb Trek In Mid June

If you notice closely, our Hampta Pass trek always starts in mid-June. We have often been asked why we don’t begin earlier. But it so happens that mid-June is the best time to trek Hampta Pass. Arjun Majumdar tells you why.

September 2016 Blog contest winners are here!

Trekking in the Himalayas with the great Indian monsoon pouring down on you is an adventure. Capturing this beauty is no easy feat! Here are the winners of our September 2016 Blog contest!

When Tripoto contest winner went to Hampta Pass

A blog that describes experiences which every solo trekker can relate to. Complete with breath taking photos of the Hampta Pass trek, this work of art by Venkatesh Allu has got to be one of our favorites!

A Video On Hampta Pass That You Shouldn’t Miss!

In September 2016 Vignesh Shenoy went with Indiahikes on a trek to Hampta Pass. He returned with this mind-blowing video. Check it out here!

August 2016 Blog contest winners are here!

In August 2016, trekkers did the Kashmir Great Lakes trek with Indiahikes during the curfew. Below the Kashmir border, other trekkers found contrasting beauty at Hampta Pass. With their expressive blogs, they have won the Blog Contest of August 2016.

August 2016 Photo Contest – Results out!

The results of the August 2016 pictures are out! And also, trekkers have chosen their favourite shot for the Trekkers’ Choice Award! Each picture is calendar-worthy! Take a look!

Blogs about Hampta Pass

The Hampta Pass has a dynamic and impressively stunning pass-crossing experience to offer. Read more about the glorious Hampta Pass from these Blogs by our trekkers!