12 must-do treks in 2015!

We’ve picked out a list of 12 of the most beautiful treks in the Himalayas – the best for each month. Choose from trails that pass through frozen rivers and waterfalls; roll over lush green meadows, traverse through dense dark forests, or be blinded by an ocean of flowers. The Himalayas have it all.

How to cross ice-cold streams – Hampta Pass

The water is icy cold in the stream, the water levels coming up to your mid-calf and knee. There are no make shift bridges or boulders to cross the river and the stones inside the water are slippery. Your feet are going to go numb with cold. But there is no escaping out.

Hampta Pass trek reviews Summer 2012-Tulika

(Hampta Pass Trek – 27th May’2012 Batch) Hampta Pass was my first trek. I was skeptical about almost everything, ranging from weather to terrain to food. But it turned out to be a memorable experience for me. Ours was a group of 20 and we were led by two guides Polu and Shyam and a […]