Top 8 Off-Beat Himalayan Treks For Summer 2021

Here are the Top 8 Off-beat treks to do in summer. If you’re looking for a quiet Himalayan trek, with less crowds, these are the treks to do in 2021.

Har Ki Dun: The First ever trek of an Acrophobic to the Valley of Gods

A sky full of stars is something that I always wanted to gaze at. It is surely a sight we in the cities crave for. I was at Har Ki Dun and the distance between me and the stars stunned me from the 12,100 feet that I was at. I didn’t bother myself trying to answer the million questions running […]

The Har Ki Dun Trek – Autumn Vs Winter

Our Trek Leader Abhirup went to on the Har Ki Dun trek first in winter and then in autumn. Here, he pens down his experiences in both the seasons.

April 2016 Blog Contest Winners

Here are the winners of the April 2016 Blog Contest! Congratulations to the winners! We loved all the entries and will share them on our website soon.