How We Choose Campsites On Himalayan Treks

In this post, we talk about 5 elements that have to come together for us to select a campsite and set up a trekking trail. Take a look!

Why Kanamo Peak Is a Great Alternative To Stok Kangri

Most trekkers are attracted to Stok Kangri because of its altitude and the thrill that comes with it. But there’s a lesser-known and prettier trek that climbs up to nearly the same altitude. That’s Kanamo Peak for you!

Why Trekkers need to take Safety on Treks more Seriously

In the second article of his three-part series on safety, Arjun Majumdar writes about a worrying trend that is spreading in the Indian trekking community.

What ‘NOT’ To Take On Your Trek

On a high altitude trek, even a handkerchief can weigh you down. More than knowing what to take, you need to know what NOT to take in your backpack. Here are a few quick tips to help you out.

Buran Ghati: A bridge between two worlds!

Our exploratory treks are often the most thrilling stories we have to share. Join Izzat as she traverses through the trail.

How to pack your backpack

If you’re off on a high altitude trek and you’re wondering how to stuff ALL the things you need for 7 days, then here’s a video that will help you out! You’ll thank yourself for watching it!

Kedarkantha: The mission that was not accomplished!

Here is Kedarkantha trek from the eyes of a pre-teen trekker. He writes about the long journey to reach Sankri, his love for bhajiyas and camp site shenanigans in a disarming flourish and brutal honesty only 12-year-old’s possess.

Roopkund: A photo story of mountain moods

Arvind Kumar. N, a human resource manager from Chennai takes his photography as a hobby to new heights by conducting a basic photography workshop and sharing with us some astonishing photos he captured during his trek to Roopkund in May 2014. Read more

Avoiding trivial mistakes at Goecha La

Tejaswi, who trekked Goecha La as her first high-altitude trek, learnt a bunch of lessons as she trudged to the pass. Here, she tells you about how a small mistake such as not packing a torch in your bag can hamper your entire trek experience.

Roopkund vs Rupin Pass debate

It’s difficult to choose out of our two signature treks – Rupin Pass and Roopkund. But given a choice of only one trek what would we choose? Arjun Majumdar picks one of the two with great difficulty. Read all about it here.