The Himalayan Mountain Challenge Programme -FAQ

What is the fitness level required for the trek and how hard are the treks? The treks locations we have for the programme are Dayara Bugyal, Kedarkantha and Brahmatal. All treks are graded as moderate treks by Indiahikes. You need to be able to jog for 20-25 minutes and cover  4 kms to do the trek comfortably. […]

7 Essential Items I Always Carry In My Camera Bag During A Trek

Packing a camera bag for a long trek can be difficult. Should you carry less weight and leave behind crucial equipment or should you pack them in anyway? Neelima Vallangi, a travel photographer and writer, jots down a list of all the things her camera bag must have.

5 Tips To Make Carrying Your Trekking Backpack Easy

Many trekkers feel that carrying a backpack is difficult. Well, carrying a backpack is not as difficult as it is made to be. Here are some useful tips to carry yours.

Masartal lake on Mayali Pass trek – A Detailed Account

An interview with Srinivas Sudhindra, a senior software engineer, was conducted and condensed by Sandeep Janardan for Indiahikes. Srinivas did the trek in early September 2006 with two others. Their team consisted of a guide, a cook and three porters along with the three trekkers. And here’s what they found.