Deoriatal Winter Trek

“Sari Village” to “Deoriatal or Devariatal” is a pleasant short weekend trek which lately has become very popular with trekkers looking for the most bang out of a trek done in a slight longer weekend.

12 Surprising Twists On The Rupin Pass Trek

Every day of the Rupin Pass trek has something in store, something that will catch you off-guard. Arjun Majumdar makes a checklist of all the things you need to watch out for on the trek.

3 reasons to do the Kugti Pass Trek

There are very few trails in our country that climb up to 16,600 feet as the Kugti Pass trek does. The Kugti Pass trek is a challenging trail – with its long pass day, high altitude and walks over snow, moraine, glacier and bottomless landslides – and it delights you in every way.

Masartal lake on Mayali Pass trek – A Detailed Account

An interview with Srinivas Sudhindra, a senior software engineer, was conducted and condensed by Sandeep Janardan for Indiahikes. Srinivas did the trek in early September 2006 with two others. Their team consisted of a guide, a cook and three porters along with the three trekkers. And here’s what they found.