Pin Bhaba Pass Trail Still Unstable After Last Week’s Landslide. Here’s A Temporary Itinerary

After last week’s landslide on the Pin Bhaba Pass Trail, the trail to the pass is still unstable with rockfall. Here is a new temporary itinerary for the trek.

Landslide At Pin Bhaba Pass Leaves Trail Blocked – Here’s The Future Course Of Action

We have an update from the Pin Bhaba Pass trail. There was a landslide just above the Phutsirang campsite, blocking the trail towards the pass. In this post we have the latest updates from the trail and also the future course of action for trekkers headed here.

Monsoon Treks Set To Begin Amidst Heavy Rain – Latest Updates

This week marks the end of our summer treks to Roopkund and Rupin Pass. Our Himachal treks are running well, amidst heavy rain and our Kashmir treks are all set to begin! Here are the latest updates!

Latest Updates: The Roopkund and Rupin Pass Treks Start Today!

Our big season to Roopkund and Rupin Pass starts today. Here’s some behind the scenes updates.

Indiahikes and Uttarakhand Tourism Department open the Chainsheel Trek

Indiahikes and Uttarakhand Tourism Department have opened the Trek of the Year to Chainsheel. Read details about the collaboration and other updates from our slopes here!