How well do you know Himalayan people and culture?

How well do you know the people and culture of the Himalayas? Test yourself in our Indiahikes Weekly Crossword!

Do you know these monasteries in the Himalayas?

How well do you know the monasteries of the Himalayas? Test yourself in our Indiahikes Weekly Crossword!

3 Nepal Treks You Cannot Overlook This Year

The world loves to trek in Nepal for one reason – to see the biggest mountains in the world! And there’s no better time to see these mountains than autumn when the skies are a clear blue. Here are three must-do treks you should check out this year.

Himachal and Uttarakhand Treks Not Affected By Kashmir Situation

We called off all our Kashmir treks this season due to the government order. This has not affected our treks in Himachal and Uttarakhand whatsoever. Read on to find alternative treks you can do instead of Kashmir.

Why Trek Insurance Is Mandatory On Our Treks And What It Covers

Trekking in the Himalayas comes with its own risks. To ensure your own safety, Indiahikes has made Trek Insurance mandatory. Read on to know why.

5 Precautionary Steps You MUST Take Before Choosing A Trek For The Summer

In this post, we share 5 life-saving steps that every trekker must take before going deciding to go on a Himalayan trek, no matter whom they’re trekking with or when.

What I Learnt From Birdwatching On Himalayan Treks

Our trek leader Soumitra shares his experiences and joys of birdwatching in Himalayas. In the last 8 months he’s spotted over 70 species. Read his story here.

Special Treks For Families And Young Adventurers This Summer!

Indiahikes opens treks exclusively for children and parents for April-May 2019.

The Har Ki Dun Trek Reopens For Trekkers In Winter!

We are happy to inform you that after two years, Har Ki Dun is open to trekkers in winter again! Read on to know more about Har Ki Dun in winter.

A Typical Indiahikes Trek Experience: A Trekker Shares His Thoughts

An unedited account of a typical Himalayan trek experience with Indiahikes. Coming from a trekker who went to Kedartal in October 2018.

A Story Of Hope From Remote Darjeeling

A heartwarming story from a small town near Darjeeling where a township came together to upcycle more than a tonne of plastic waste!

Announcing Winners of October 2018 Trek Photography Contest

Here are the winners of the October 2018 trek photography contest. View the winning photographs as well as the rest of the shortlisted nominations here.