8 Hacks to Maintain Your Personal Hygiene on a Trek

Many of you ask us how to maintain hygiene on a trek without bathing. Here are a few simple things you can do to stay hygienic while on a trek.

How We Clean And Maintain Our Rental Shoes At Indiahikes

Many of you ask us if renting trekking shoes is hygienic. We put together this post to share with you the process we follow to clean our trekking shoes.

Classes on Cleanliness at Sari

Inculcating a habit of cleanliness and environmental consciousness in children is the sure shot way for a pollution free future. Our team at Deoriatal Base camp spent a week at the Government school in Sari village teaching kids the value of hygiene.

How To Stay Hygienic On Treks (Even During Your Periods)

Taking a shower during treks is out of the question. Then how do you maintain hygiene? In this article, experienced trekkers give tips to stay clean and fresh as you scale mountains.

The only ugly sight from my trek

Every time you go on a trek, you being back pleasant memories and beautiful photographs. But what Swathi saw is something nobody would want to see. It made her feel ashamed to even click a picture of it.