We are calling off all our Kashmir treks for 2016

A news update for Kashmir trekkers – We are calling off all the batches to our Kashmir treks for the rest of 2016. Here are the details.

Latest updates from Kashmir: Batches running as per schedule

The upcoming batches to Kashmir Great Lakes and Tarsar Marsar will be running as scheduled. Here are a few thoughts by trekkers who were in Kashmir during the uproar.

Green Trails update: What happened to the garbage found on the Kashmir Great Lakes trek

A lot of garbage was brought down from Kashmir Great Lake trek by the trekkers. Here’s what happened to all that litter

Green Getters in action at Kashmir Great Lakes

Indiahikes trekkers did a thorough clean up of Kashmir Great Lakes route- they collected more than 10 quintals of plastic and non-biodegradable waste! We hope we’ll find the trail as clean as we left it last September!

September 2015 Photo Contest – Results

“You don’t take a photograph. You make it.” – Ansel Adams. True to Ansel’s words, the Top 3 Winners for the September 2015 Photo Contest have been made with talent and a good eye for beautiful things. Take a look.

August Photo Contest – Results

We received over 250 pictures for the August 2015 Photo Contest. And a LOT of them made us go “Wow!” It is with great difficulty that we chose the Top Three Winners. We have selected two photographs for the third place, because we loved them both! Here they are. Congratulations!

August 2015 Photo Contest – Nominations

The 12 nominations for the August 2015 Photo Contest are out! Take a look. We’ll announce the winners on October 1st.

July Photo Contest – Results

We received a flood of entries from trekkers for the July 2015 Photo Contest. It was difficult choosing just three out of them.Take a look at the winners.

6 Best Himalayan Treks In July, August And September

We have chosen six of the best monsoon treks in the Himalayas. You might get a little wet, but it’s worth every drop of rain! See our list here.

Is trekking in Kashmir safe?

Many people call to ask us whether Kashmir is a safe trekking destination. We can say that it is a lot safer now, than it has been for the past few years. Read what a few experienced trekkers have to say about safety in Kashmir.

Blogposts by our trekkers

Dive into the world of mountains with our trekkers’ amazing blog posts! If you have written a blogpost and want it featured on our website, mail it to [email protected]

12 must-do treks in 2015!

We’ve picked out a list of 12 of the most beautiful treks in the Himalayas – the best for each month. Choose from trails that pass through frozen rivers and waterfalls; roll over lush green meadows, traverse through dense dark forests, or be blinded by an ocean of flowers. The Himalayas have it all.