August Photo Contest – Results

We received over 250 pictures for the August 2015 Photo Contest. And a LOT of them made us go “Wow!” It is with great difficulty that we chose the Top Three Winners. We have selected two photographs for the third place, because we loved them both! Here they are. Congratulations!

August 2015 Photo Contest – Nominations

The 12 nominations for the August 2015 Photo Contest are out! Take a look. We’ll announce the winners on October 1st.

Is trekking in Kashmir safe?

Many people call to ask us whether Kashmir is a safe trekking destination. We can say that it is a lot safer now, than it has been for the past few years. Read what a few experienced trekkers have to say about safety in Kashmir.

A tribute to the support staff of the KGL trek

Two of Indiahikes’ trekkers, Venkatachandrika Radhakrishnan and Raghunandan Hegde, spoke to the support staff members on the Kashmir Great Lakes trek. With great admiration of their strength and determination, the trekkers struck a conversation with them over a hot bowl of soup.

Kashmir Great Lakes – Nature at its unpredictable best

Just days before floods struck Kashmir in 2014, Raghunandan Hegde and his friends were part of the Kashmir Great Lakes trek. He recollects his adventurous experience which was uncalled for. His group was stranded at a camp site with unstoppable torrential downpour for three whole days!

Stuck in Kashmir valley, trekker talks of his struggles

The very idea of Kashmir floods sends shivers down our spines. Think, then, what Sridhar and his friends went through, when they experienced it first hand. After an attempt to do the Kashmir Great Lakes trek just hours before the floods of 2014, they had to go through a menacing water-logged ordeal simply to get to the airport. Read about it here.

J & K Tourism Festival: Vishnusar Kishansar Trek

As a part of the J&K Tourism festival, Indiahikes and J&K Tourism are organising a 5 day trek to the twin lakes of Vishnusar and Kishansar.

Chadar trek Review-Manish Adalakha

(Chadar trek- 26th Jan’2013 Batch) My Experiences – An unparalleled experience. I never expected that I’ll hold together at such extreme temperatures but the beauty of the mountains just blew us all away. Every turn was exhilarating. Every moment there was excitement of discovering something new. All along the trek, we all knew we are […]

Chadar trek Review-Manasa Balumer

(Chadar trek- 26th Jan’2013 Batch) I am going to be ever thankful to you for the chadar trek.Not only were we surrounded by scenic beauty but also we made friendships that am sure are going to last for a lifetime. Rahul, you rock! Surely my next trekis going to be with you. As far as […]

Chadar trek Review – Vasudha Gulyam

(Chadar trek- 3rd Feb’2013 Batch) Never in the wildest of wild imagination had I ever imagined what a -30 degree Celsius would feel like. The exercise regime prescribed for the trek did not factor the biggest challenge on the trek-cold. Spending time inside a refrigerator everyday to get used to sub-zero temperatures would have been […]

Chadar trek review by Gopalakrishnan

(Chadar trek- 3rd Feb’2013 Batch) First of all I thank IndiaHikes from my heart, for making such an wonderful, joyfull and peaceful journey. I won’t call it as a trek though. I should say they  did not organize a team to lead and help, rather they arranged a family to make an wonderful journey memorable. […]

Chadar trek Review – Dr Srinivasan

(Chadar trek- 4th Feb’2013 Batch) A Dream come True Months of preparatory walks in Delhi culminated in the Air India flight to Leh despite inclement weather at the Kushok Bakula Airport. After spending two days under ‘house arrest’ in the Panorama Hotel in order to acclimatize to high altitude amid sub-zero temperature I met my […]