Basic facilities in Kilimanjaro

It’s only once you begin the Kilimanjaro trek that you’ll understand the term ‘well-organised.’ Expert porters, regular official checking by the park authorities, Western toilets with marble flooring in the middle of nowhere…

No ice on Mount Kilimanjaro by 2050?

Kilimanjaro boasts of 10,000 year old glaciers. But are they going to disappear by the middle of 21st century?

Hakuna Matata, we sing at Kilimanjaro

Watch the porters at Kilimanjaro sing and dance to the ‘Jumbo Bwana’. We look forward to our Kilimanjaro trek in August 2015. Join the party! Try singing along…. Lyrics Jambo, Jambo Bwana, (Hello, hello sir,) Habari gani, (How are you,) Mzuri sana. (very fine.) Wageni, mwakaribishwa, (Foreigners, you’re welcome,) Kilimanjaro, (to Kilimanjaro,) Hakuna Matata. (there is […]

Yellow fever: Mandatory vaccine for Kilimanjaro trek

Trekkers travelling to Tanzania for the Kilimanjaro trek are required to take a Yellow Fever Vaccination Certificate with them compulsorily. Here are a few details regarding how you can go about it.

The man who climbed Kilimanjaro without legs

He walked on his hands 80 per cent of the time and traveled the remainder in his wheelchair. When he reached the summit a sense of accomplishment prevailed. Spencer West states climbing Kilamanjaro was like reliving his life long struggle with feeling of inadequacy and being left out from leading a normal life.