My Happiest Trek Moment – Personal Stories of Gratitude, Transformation, and Learning – Part 5

These trek stories will bowl you over with happiness, anticipation, fear, and more. Share your happiest trek moment with us, and beat the lockdown blues.

3 of India’s Best Treks Reopened

Indiahikes has re-opened 3 of India’s best treks. The Ali Bedni Meadows Trek, the Kuari Pass Trek and the Pangarchulla trek. There are all high altitude stunning meadow treks that run in the months of March through April.

Indiahikes introduces Health Cards for every trekker

To tighten safety procedures on high altitude treks, Indiahikes has introduced Health Cards for every trekker. Take a look at it here.

What Are The Big Mountains You See On The Kuari Pass Trek?

Despite being an ancient trail, few know of the wonders that the Kuari Pass trek presents. Here are the gigantic mountains that accompany you on the trail.