Why Indiahikes Doesn’t Run The Chadar Or Stok Kangri Treks

There are many rumours about why Indiahikes doesn’t do the Chadar or Stok Kangri Treks. Most of them untrue. Here’s the true story of what happened in Ladakh.

How mental preparation for a trek can mean the difference between life and death

Struck by altitude sickness, trekker Premanand fell unconscious at 18,500 ft. What our trek leader did next marked the difference between life and death. Here, Arjun Majumdar recounts an incident that underlines the importance of rapid action on a high altitude trek.

Ict Stupas – Architectural Marvels Solving Water Crises In Phyang, Ladakh

Bearing the brunt of global warming, Ladakh has been facing a water crisis. With the glaciers receding at an alarming rate, the farmers have a very small window for farming. But Ladakhi engineers came up with Ice Stupas to deal with this massive problem.

Chadar trek called off

On the evening of November 13, 2014 Indiahikes called off Chadar trek. 300 trekkers who had registered for the trek were notified this via email. “I have received close to 60 calls since morning,” said Lopamudra Mandal, from IH Support Team.

Times of India Reports On Case Against ALTOA, Police Action Awaited

Times of India carried a report about ALTOA disrupting Indiahikes’ treks. The article appeared on September 17, 2014. Here is the article along with a few updates on the situation.

Court orders action against ALTOA for disrupting Indiahikes treks

After trying to malign reputation of IH during the last season of Chadar, All Ladakh Tour Operators Association (ALTOA) disrupted the Stok Kangri treks again this year in Ladakh. In response to this nuisance the Court of Chief Judicial Magistrate, Leh-Ladakh issued an order against ALTOA.

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(Chadar trek- 3rd Feb’2013 Batch) First of all I thank IndiaHikes from my heart, for making such an wonderful, joyfull and peaceful journey. I won’t call it as a trek though. I should say they  did not organize a team to lead and help, rather they arranged a family to make an wonderful journey memorable. […]

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(Chadar trek- 4th Feb’2013 Batch) A Dream come True Months of preparatory walks in Delhi culminated in the Air India flight to Leh despite inclement weather at the Kushok Bakula Airport. After spending two days under ‘house arrest’ in the Panorama Hotel in order to acclimatize to high altitude amid sub-zero temperature I met my […]

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(Chadar trek- 3rd Feb’2013 Batch) Do’s and Dont’s on Chadar We were part of Feb 3rd batch of the Chadar trek this year. And like Arjun says, it turned out to be more of an experience than a trek. An unforgettable one at that..and sometimes unbearable too:) There were quite a few things which we […]