News from Treks: On Weather, Travel and Guidelines

Follow this page for the latest news and updates on travel guidelines, weather, trek-related information RT-PCR Negative Certificate Mandatory to Return to Maharashtra, Karnataka | Aug 2 This is for trekkers returning to Maharashtra or Karnataka after their trek. As per the new COVID-19 guidelines, you need an RT-PCR Negative Certificate to board the flight […]

How An Offline Map Saved My Life

This is the story of how our Trek Leader Ravi got lost during an exploration in the Great Himalayan National Park. An offline map came in handy when he was deep in bear territory. Read his story here.

Warmth… in the cold at 15,000 ft atop Buran Ghati

“Back in the real world now. Back with renewed vigour, enthusiasm and determination.” A superb journal of the Buran Ghati trek by Arul Varma.