When Will Trekking Resume After COVID-19?

Indiahikes addresses all your questions and concerns about trekking after COVID-19. Right from the treks to plan, a overview of our operations, to the hygiene and sanitation measure on your trek. Read on to know more.

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Trekking in the times of Coronavirus (COVID-19) – A Letter From The Indiahikes Founder

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29 Best Treks In The Himalayas You Must Do In 2020

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Treks To Do (And Not To Do) In Monsoon

We have put down the best regions to trek in during monsoon. By the end of the post, you’ll know which monsoon trek would suit you best.

#IHMonsoonTrek Instagram Contest

On the occasion of hitting 50,000 followers on our Instagram handle, we’re giving away an all-expense paid trek to the Himalayas. Just participate in our Instagram challenge with the hashtag #IHMySpecialTrek.

7 Tips To Pack Your Backpack For A Monsoon Trek

If you’re going on a monsoon trek, whether in the Himalayas or in the Western Ghats, it’s important that your gear is dry. So here are a few expert tips to keep your gear dry.

Monsoon Treks Set To Begin Amidst Heavy Showers

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Is It Possible To Do Himalayan Treks During Monsoon?

We often get questions about how monsoon affects our treks. In this article, our founder, Arjun Majumdar details how monsoon spreads in the Himalayas and which are the best regions to explore and which regions you should avoid.

6 Best Himalayan Treks In July, August And September

We have chosen six of the best monsoon treks in the Himalayas. You might get a little wet, but it’s worth every drop of rain! See our list here.

Why Hampta Pass should be considered in Post Monsoon season

Many trekkers prefer to trek Hampta for it’s bumper accumulation of snow in a narrow funnel-like valley in the month of June. Here’s why you should take your chances doing the trek in the post monsoon months.