3 of India’s Best Treks Reopened

Indiahikes has re-opened 3 of India’s best treks. The Ali Bedni Meadows Trek, the Kuari Pass Trek and the Pangarchulla trek. There are all high altitude stunning meadow treks that run in the months of March through April.

Trekking Solo To Pangarchulla – Makings Of A Mountaineer

Manas Arora attempted the Pangarchulla summit early in April 2017, perhaps the first to attempt the summit for the year. Faced with a snowstorm while nearing the pinnacle, he reflects upon this trek as one that taught him strong lessons about mountaineering.

Pangarchulla, A Summit Climb for the Adventurous

In this video, Arjun Majumadar, founder of Indiahikes, talks about the Pangarchulla trek. He reasons out why it’s one of the best summit climbs in the Himalayas.

June 2016 Blog Contest Winners

Every month we run blog contests for trekkers. Individual expressions of trek experiences are truly fascinating! Here are the winners for our June 2016 Blog contest!