How To Safely Pack And Fly A Drone On Your Trek 

This renowned film maker tells us how to fly and pack your drone for a high altitude Himalayan Trek. With the decrease in battery life, cold temparatures, and high winds, everything becomes a challenge.

How To Improve Your Trek Photography By Using Just One Lens

We have predetermined ideas of which lens to use where. But have you ever tried shooting a portrait with an ultra wide angle lens, or a landscape with a telephoto lens? Know the possibilities of using just one lens for all your photography needs.

How To Be A Better Trek Photographer- Know the Basics of Photography

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How to Pack your Photography Equipment for a Trek

Carrying a camera for your trek is a great idea. But what about packing it wisely? Here, Swathi helps you with packing photography equipment for your trek, making sure it is safe and compact in your backpack!

Photography tips for a trek

Ever wondered how pictures of the Himalayas look so mind-blowing? Well, most credit goes to the mountains and valleys themselves, but it takes skill to capture them beautifully. With these tips and tricks on photography by Dr. Arun Nayak, you can click brilliant pictures with your equipment too!  

How To Take Professional Portrait Photographs On Your Trek

People in the hills can be few of the most interesting subjects for your camera. Saurabh Chatterjee, a travel photographer, gives you some useful tips to click better portrait shots.