Expert Tips on Trek Photography — Be a Better Photographer

We all take photographs on a trek. But what makes a photo exceptional? Read this article to know quick tips to help your trek photography.

What photography equipment to take on a trek

Many trekkers are often confused about the photography equipment they need to carry on a trek. In this video Swathi helps you choose the right kind of camera gear for a long Himalayan trek.

April 2016 Photo Contest – Results out!

We received some brilliant photos for the April 2016 photo contest. Our trekkers keep surprising us with different shades of familiar trails. Our winning photographs are here!

An adventure camera for trekkers, that edits footage on the go!

Here’s an adventure camera that is super trek-friendly. It is light, compact and can be charged easily. Take a look at Frodocam.

How To Take Professional Portrait Photographs On Your Trek

People in the hills can be few of the most interesting subjects for your camera. Saurabh Chatterjee, a travel photographer, gives you some useful tips to click better portrait shots.

7 Essential Items I Always Carry In My Camera Bag During A Trek

Packing a camera bag for a long trek can be difficult. Should you carry less weight and leave behind crucial equipment or should you pack them in anyway? Neelima Vallangi, a travel photographer and writer, jots down a list of all the things her camera bag must have.

How to make your photographs unique

Most people who have been on a trek or two are quickly bitten by the shutterbug. And rightly so! But what’s the point of having the same shots as everyone else? Neelima Vallangi tells you how to make your pictures unique, and also hands out tips to improve your photography skills.