My Happiest Trek Moment – Personal Stories of Accomplishment, Farewell and Realisation – Part 7

What is the My Happiest Trek Moment campaign? Frankly, we’re tired of all the negative news around us. You must be too. We are cooped up at home, not meeting people dear to us. All we get is bad news about Coronavirus spreading its devilish arms. Almost any conversation becomes about Coronavirus. It’s become quite […]

Top 8 Off-Beat Himalayan Treks For Summer 2019

Here are the Top 8 Off-beat treks to do in summer. If you’re looking for a quiet Himalayan trek, with less crowds, these are the treks to do in 2019.

Brahmatal, For The Love Of Roopkund

Our co-founder, Sandhya UC, was deeply touched by the Brahmatal trek. After much contemplation, she puts down her thoughts about the trek here.

Why Every Trek Should Be Attempted With The Anxiety Of Your First Trek

Prachi Kulkarni, an experienced trekker, writes about an important life lesson she learnt while attempting the Roopkund trek.

Roopkund trek: Recovering from a Himalayan hangover

When Dr. Sanjana set out for a journey to the Himalayas with 16 strangers, little did she know what the mountains had in store for her.

My voyage to the most coveted trek in India

The Himalayas are addictive and so is trekking. Samruddhi recently went on the Roopkund trek which left her awe-struck. Read on to know her thoughts about this celebrated trek.

Why Roopkund is a great trek

Arjun Majumdar reviews the Roopkund trek and gives it a 4.5/5. In this article, he lists a few reasons to do the trek, that are not known to many.

Blogs about Roopkund

The Roopkund trek is not one of the most popular treks without a reason. Find out exactly why it’s so popular through these blog posts!

Keeping the mountains ‘swachh’ is not just our duty, but a necessity

The spirit of trekking is incomplete without the immense love and respect for mountains. Our trek leader Gurdit talks about why there is an urgent need to keep our mountains clean and litter-free.

‎Unbecoming Modern – a blog about Roopkund

It has been my dream for a while now, to completely break away from the digital jungle that has creepers like Facebook, Whatsapp, amongst many others. These creepers held at your fingertips, drain your mind and give you a false feeling of being connected. The more densely you ‘connect’ in this jungle, the further you disconnect from yourself. So this autumn Suyash, a dear friend, and I decided to go

Roopkund trek: A blog by Ravindra Joisa

Here’s a blog by professional photographer Ravindra Joisa about his trek to Roopkund.

Colorful stories of Nanda Devi Raj Jat Yatra

Once in 12 years in the Greater Himalayas, thousands of people climb up 280 km up to 13,000 feet, as part of the Nanda Devi Raj Jat Yatra. The procession starts from Nauti, near Karanprayag and ends at Homkund passing by glacial tarns like Roopkund. Here are some interesting stories from mythology and present-day reality that are bound to Read More