Top 3 Himalayan Treks to do in Each Season

Here are the top 3 Himalayan treks to do in each season – Spring, Summer, Monsson, Post-monsoon, Autumn and Winter. From rhododendrons, to clear skies, snowfall, and snow rappeling, each trek has a best season. Read this article to know more.

13 Best Treks to do this Summer in the Himalayas (May, June)

These are the best summer treks to do in May and June. If you’re looking for Himalayan treks that are high on adventure, here is the list!

Finding serenity in the wilderness of Rupin Pass

Anand Parikh went on the Rupin Pass trek aspiring to find solace in the laps of the mountains. He returned with something more. Read his inspiring thoughts here.

September 2016 Blog contest winners are here!

Trekking in the Himalayas with the great Indian monsoon pouring down on you is an adventure. Capturing this beauty is no easy feat! Here are the winners of our September 2016 Blog contest!

Rupin Pass: Finding my inner self

Trekking is a unique experience that leaves a profound effect on people. Here, Varun Vaidya explains how the Rupin Pass trek influenced him.

Why age is not a barrier for trekking in the mountains

If your mind is prepared, everything goes right. Wise words anyone can utter. But when it is delivered by an eighty three year old gentleman who scaled Rupin Pass last year, then the words take on a new meaning. “Age is never the problem, mind is,” says Lele Gopal Vasudev who achieved this remarkable feat without letting his age be an obstacle.

Why Buran Ghati Is Special To Indiahikes

Did you know that the Rupin Pass trek was discovered only by chance? Arjun Majumdar writes about how he chanced upon this all time favourite trek. Read about it here.

Rupin Pass trek reviews 2013 -Krishanu

Rupin Pass Trek Review By Krishanu Choudhury (Rupin Pass – September’2013 Batch)   To sum up the whole rupin pass trek in a single phrase I’ll call it a 5 star trek.When I arrived at Dhaula the tents were well set up and arranged, and food ready. The support team was really friendly and co […]

Deoriatal Winter Trek

“Sari Village” to “Deoriatal or Devariatal” is a pleasant short weekend trek which lately has become very popular with trekkers looking for the most bang out of a trek done in a slight longer weekend.

Roopkund vs Rupin Pass debate

It’s difficult to choose out of our two signature treks – Rupin Pass and Roopkund. But given a choice of only one trek what would we choose? Arjun Majumdar picks one of the two with great difficulty. Read all about it here.

12 Surprising Twists On The Rupin Pass Trek

Every day of the Rupin Pass trek has something in store, something that will catch you off-guard. Arjun Majumdar makes a checklist of all the things you need to watch out for on the trek.