Latest updates: Preparing for Everest Base Camp and more

So much happened this week! From making arrangements for the EBC via Gokyo Ri trek to catching a thief red handed at the Deoriatal Base! Read on for the latest news from the Himalayas.

What makes Rupin Pass such a grand adventure for trekkers?

Rupin Pass tops the list of Top 10 treks to do in India! But what makes it such a thrilling adventure that keeps trekkers on an adrenaline high? Watch this video to know!

Winners of June 2016 Photo contest!

This month’s photo contest was special. Here are the three best photos you picked out of the twelve nominations. Congratulations winners!

Tales from Rupin Pass by Kshitij Gajjar

You know you’ve had the best trek experience when it gives you a series of lighthearted moments to relive and recollect. Here is Kshitij nailing his Rupin Pass Trek experience through his writing.

October 2015 Photo Contest – Results

Here are the Top 4 winners of the October 2015 Photo Contest! Congrats!

How To Tackle The Challenging Rupin Waterfall In May

There is more than one way to look at and discuss this colossal artwork of nature – the Rupin Waterfall. And Samrat Chakraborty shows you how.

Why You Should Trek To Rupin Pass In The Second Season

There are two completely different sides to the Rupin Pass trek. One covered with snow and the other lush with meadows and waterfalls! Read on to find out why you must trek to Rupin Pass in second season.

Bengaluru FC at Rupin Pass

On May, 2015, a group of trekkers on Rupin Pass had something special planned. After ascending to 15,000 feet, they were exuberant to have reached the highest point of the trek and more!

Blogposts by our trekkers

Dive into the world of mountains with our trekkers’ amazing blog posts! If you have written a blogpost and want it featured on our website, mail it to [email protected]

Finding inner peace in the Himalayas

One of the best ways to find inner peace is probably by going to the Himalayas for a trek. So says Amit Singh Yadav, a young software consultant who has completed three high-altitude treks.

Photo of the week

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12 must-do treks in 2015!

We’ve picked out a list of 12 of the most beautiful treks in the Himalayas – the best for each month. Choose from trails that pass through frozen rivers and waterfalls; roll over lush green meadows, traverse through dense dark forests, or be blinded by an ocean of flowers. The Himalayas have it all.