Do you know how to stay Safe and Healthy on Treks?

Do you know how to keep yourself safe and healthy while trekking in the Himalayas? Test yourself in our Indiahikes Weekly Crossword!

How This Spanish Paramedic Saved A Fellow Trekker’s Life On The Gaumukh Tapovan Trek

In May 2019, Asier, a Spanish paramedic came with Indiahikes for his first Himalayan trek. He had no idea he will be involved in the rescue of a fellow trekker’s life on the trek. Here’s the story of what happened that day.

Why Trek Insurance Is Mandatory On Our Treks And What It Covers

Trekking in the Himalayas comes with its own risks. To ensure your own safety, Indiahikes has made Trek Insurance mandatory. Read on to know why.

How these parents prepared their children for a Himalayan Trek

It is very important to prepare your children, physically and mentally, before a Himalayan trek. Here are some tips and tricks from parents who went on our family treks.

Safety at the Eco Hiking Programme

At Indiahikes, safety is the top priority. Read more to find out our safety measures in place for the Experiential Learning Programme.

How Indiahikes is making your trek safe

In this final article, Arjun Majumdar, founder of Indiahikes, explains the new protocols that Indiahikes has put in place to ensure safety of trekkers. Do read it and pass it on.

Why Trekkers need to take Safety on Treks more Seriously

In the second article of his three-part series on safety, Arjun Majumdar writes about a worrying trend that is spreading in the Indian trekking community.

I can’t wait for my next solo trek!

Many women fear travelling alone in India, but most of our women trekkers believe that the mountains are safer than any other part of the country. Rashmi Rao, who did the Goecha La trek in May 2015, came all alone from Mumbai, trekked with strangers, who turned to friends, and she can’t wait to trek again. Read all about her experience here.

Is trekking in Kashmir safe?

Many people call to ask us whether Kashmir is a safe trekking destination. We can say that it is a lot safer now, than it has been for the past few years. Read what a few experienced trekkers have to say about safety in Kashmir.

Thoughts of a solo woman trekker

Many women trekkers worry about coming alone for a trek, about safety and whether they’ll have other women for company. It so happens that 30 per cent of Indiahikes’ trekkers are women and the number is only growing. Vishi Bansal is one such experienced solo trekker, who writes down her thoughts about the safety of solo women trekkers.