How Trek Explorations Are Done — The Phulara Ridge Example

Here’s the exciting backstory of how the founders of Indiahikes explored the Phulara Ridge trek – the trek that runs close to Kedarkantha.

Why Phulara Ridge Stands Out Amongst All Treks In Our Country

The Phulara Ridge trek blew us away when we accidentally discovered it in 2018. Here, our co-founder talks about what sets it apart from all other treks in our country.

Upcycling Waste To Make Furniture: Latest Green Trails Pursuit

The Green Trails team at Jaubari upcycled bottles and construction waste to make furniture. Read about this and other Green Trails updates here.

Indiahikes Gets Permission To Use Haldwani Landfill For Non-Recyclable Waste

The Commissioner of Haldwani has granted Indiahikes permission to use use the landfill for disposing off non recyclable waste. Read about this and other Green Trails updates.

How I learnt about social networking in the Himalayan village of Sankri

Our Operations Manager, Manav Menon, was lucky enough to spend time in Sankri, a quaint village in Uttarakhand. Those days gave Manav peek into the local lifestyle of the real mountain folk. Here’s a page from his diary.