Forclaz 500 Warm: Pocket-friendly Hiking Shoes for all Weather Conditions

Sharad Pandey decided to try out the Forclaz 500 Warm shoes on the Rupin Pass trek. Here is his detailed review of the hiking shoes.

Do’s and Don’ts of Green trekking

Imagine climbing a mountain of plastic with music blaring in the background. Quite the opposite of serene. If we do not focus on green trekking, this is how grim the future of our Himalayas look. Here, Green trails Crusader Lakshmi explains the do’s and don’ts of green trekking.

Things To Get On The Himalayan Mountain Challenge

The IIM Mountain Challenge takes place in the most beautiful slopes in the Himalayas. But to make sure your trek goes smooth, ensure you carry all the things mentioned in this quick checklist.

Lifestraw Go – A worthy portable water filter for trekkers

Here is a detailed review of the Lifestraw Go water filter. Indiahikes trekkers can avail a 25% discount on the Lifestraw Go! Find the coupon code inside.