A Note to Indiahikes Founder from an Economist who Trekked to Ali Bedni Bugyal

An economist, who went on his second Himalayan trek with Indiahikes, came back and wrote a note to our founder. This is what he wrote.

Why I Regret My Trek To Kedarkantha After Completing Rupin Pass

It’s not a nice feeling to regret a Himalayan trek. But we find that many trekkers go through this phase. Swathi writes about her personal regret in this post. Read on.

The Moh-Maaya of Preferences

Trek Leader Soumitra puts down his thoughts about preferences — his own preferences and trekkers’ preferences. As usual, his tone is humorous, sarcastic, subtle. Always worth a read!

My Trek Experiences From A Decade Of Trekking

A trekker recollects his most memorable trek experiences from over a decade. He shares the lessons that he has learnt from trekking over the years.

How the Goechala trek perpetually changed my lifestyle

When a trek triggers a change in you, the key is in sustaining that change. Vidyadhar managed to do exactly that. He writes about it here six months later.

The pictures in this blog about Roopkund say it all!

Garima Jain chose Roopkund as her first Himalayan trek with her husband! She says she will go back a thousand times over to this trek – and her blog shows you why she fell in love with the trail!

This blog on Goechala will blow your mind!

If we had to name a blog that left us speechless, this would be it. The Goechala trek has always been one of our favorite treks, Divas Mishra has put down his experiences so beautifully that it makes us want to do the trek again!

When a moment turned into a memory

As a trekking organisation, we have witnessed countless cases of Himalayan treks leaving strong impacts on people. Here, Indiahikes trekker Sujit Thakar recollects fond memories from his Sandakphu trek.

Tales from Rupin Pass by Kshitij Gajjar

You know you’ve had the best trek experience when it gives you a series of lighthearted moments to relive and recollect. Here is Kshitij nailing his Rupin Pass Trek experience through his writing.

Why The Deoriatal-Chandrashila Trek Is Too Great A Reward For Too Little Effort

Shubhankar Biswas had just trekked for two hours when he experienced this jaw-dropping incident.

Trekkers Speak

Here’s what a few of our trekkers have to say about their experience with Indiahikes.

Stuck in Kashmir valley, trekker talks of his struggles

The very idea of Kashmir floods sends shivers down our spines. Think, then, what Sridhar and his friends went through, when they experienced it first hand. After an attempt to do the Kashmir Great Lakes trek just hours before the floods of 2014, they had to go through a menacing water-logged ordeal simply to get to the airport. Read about it here.