15 Best Trek Videos by Indiahikes Trekkers

Beautifully made and awe inspiring mountain videos by our own Indiahikes trekkers. Let us know what according to you is the best trek video on this list.

The Sandakphu trek, where you trek with four of the tallest mountains in the world!

If you want to get a taste of trekking in India and Nepal, the Sandakphu trek is your best option. Especially in the months of October and November, this trek will enamour you with views of Mt.Everest, Kanchenjunga, Lhotse and Makalu – four of the world’s tallest mountains!

What makes Rupin Pass such a grand adventure for trekkers?

Rupin Pass tops the list of Top 10 treks to do in India! But what makes it such a thrilling adventure that keeps trekkers on an adrenaline high? Watch this video to know!

Why is Har Ki Dun the stairway to heaven?

The trail to Har ki Dun is as old as time can tell. It’s not surprising that this trek is riddled with intriguing myths! Watch this video to know why it is considered “the stairway to heaven.”

Why is Nag Tibba a must-do weekend trek near Delhi

Nag Tibba is a huge bonus of a trek. Why? Because just in two days, you can experience most of the things a 6-day Himalayan trek has to offer! Watch Saranbir Singh, a senior trek leader talk about the trek here!

What makes Roopkund one of the most popular treks in India?

Here’s a video where Arjun Majumdar, the founder of Indiahikes, tells us just why Roopkund is one of the most popular Himalayan treks in India!

An adventure camera for trekkers, that edits footage on the go!

Here’s an adventure camera that is super trek-friendly. It is light, compact and can be charged easily. Take a look at Frodocam.

How to shoot a good trek video

There’s nothing like a good video to help you relive your trek. But how do you shoot a good trek video? Vaibhav Chauhan gives you a few tips to make your videos look crisp, professional and entertaining.