Himachal and Uttarakhand Treks Not Affected By Kashmir Situation

We called off all our Kashmir treks this season due to the government order. This has not affected our treks in Himachal and Uttarakhand whatsoever. Read on to find alternative treks you can do instead of Kashmir.

“Tears of exhaustion started streaming down my face and I kept walking”

This trekker pushed her limits on her first Himalayan trek. Read more how Sonakshi worked her way up to Chaainsheel Bugyal here.

Winners of Trek Photographer of the Month- April 2017

This month’s photo contest entries left us stumped. What spectacular compositions of treks we are so familiar with! So we took help. Our judge for this month helped select the best out of the lot. Now you get to pick a winner too! Take a look at the nominations here.

Flashback to the mysterious Prashar Lake

The Prashar Lake trek in Himachal Pradesh is a great relief for Delihites who are looking for a nature retreat. Mahabaleshwara recently went on this trek and put together an interesting photo blog.

When Tripoto contest winner went to Hampta Pass

A blog that describes experiences which every solo trekker can relate to. Complete with breath taking photos of the Hampta Pass trek, this work of art by Venkatesh Allu has got to be one of our favorites!

Bhrigu Lake – The best high altitude grasslands near Manali

A lot of trekkers do the Bhrigu Lake trek to get to the famous lake. While the Bhrigu lake is definitely worth getting to, this is not why you must do this trek. It is the meadows on the Bhrigu Lake trek that are the real treat. Here Arjun explains what the trek is like.

Pin Bhaba Pass trek: A lifetime experience

In September 2016, Kedar Narwadkar went on the Pin Bhaba pass trek. He was lucky enough to be part of the batch our founders Arjun and Sandhya were a part of. He came back with a lifetime experience and lots of newly gained knowledge about high altitude trekking. Click here to know what his trek was like!

Each day is a Musical on the Buran Ghati trek

When Neha decided to go on the Buran Ghati trek with her husband, little did she know that the beautiful meadows of Dayara would bring out the romantic in her. She just couldn’t stop humming! Click here to read (listen) to her Sound Of Music moments.

A Video On Hampta Pass That You Shouldn’t Miss!

In September 2016 Vignesh Shenoy went with Indiahikes on a trek to Hampta Pass. He returned with this mind-blowing video. Check it out here!

Bada Bhangal Trek- The grinning grasslands of Himachal

The Bada Bangal trek is a well explored trek in Himachal Pradesh. Trekker Parth Joshi captivates the reader’s imagination by penning down his experiences about this difficult trek in a detailed 8 part series.

How even the most experienced trekkers can get lost in the mountains

When Sachin Jha went on the Kanamo Peak trek, little did he expect his most experienced trek leader, Saranbir Singh, to go missing. Dusk turned to night and nobody had heard from him. Here’s the story of what played out on the trail!

Miyar Valley – The Yosemite of India

Trek leader Vyshak Nair has always been in love with the Himalayas. When he recently explored Miyar Valley, he left a little bit of his heart there. Here is what he has to say about his enthralling expedition.