A lesson in eco-friendly trekking that no classroom course can teach you

On the recent trek to Hampta Pass, Nikshep our green trails intern realised why exactly he stayed back in the mountains, and ditched his biochemical engineering classes back in college.

Rupin Pass: Finding my inner self

Trekking is a unique experience that leaves a profound effect on people. Here, Varun Vaidya explains how the Rupin Pass trek influenced him.

What Makes Hampta Pass A Terrific Crossover Trek

The Hampta Pass is not like any other mountain pass. It is hugely dramatic as it takes you from the lush green valleys of Kullu to the desert-like Spiti Valley. Arjun Majumdar explains the gorgeousness of the trek in this video.

3 reasons to do the Kugti Pass Trek

There are very few trails in our country that climb up to 16,600 feet as the Kugti Pass trek does. The Kugti Pass trek is a challenging trail – with its long pass day, high altitude and walks over snow, moraine, glacier and bottomless landslides – and it delights you in every way.