Must-have Waterproof Socks For Trekking in Snow And Rain

Trekking in snow and in rain is tough. Further wet shoes and socks can make for a bad trekking experience. Check these waterproof socks out, they are a must have for trekking in snow and rain.

How We Exited Trekkers From A Snow-blocked Lohajung – A Photostory

Here is how our trekkers from the Brahmatal trek, exited from Lohajung by foot, and walked for 4kms in heavy snow to reach Bagdigad the nearest motorable road. Here’s a little behind the scenes sneak peak as well.

Must Have Layers on a Himalayan Winter Trek (From Head to Toe)

Are you gearing up for a winter trek in the Himalayas? Every layer and trek accessory becomes extremely important. Here’s an expert guide on how to layer up for your winter trek.