I climbed up Sandakphu to see the Great Sleeping Buddha

This well written blog expresses Sarath Chandra’s thoughts and emotions as he trekked to Sandakphu and Phalut to catch a glimpse of the Sleeping Buddha.

When Tripoto contest winner went to Hampta Pass

A blog that describes experiences which every solo trekker can relate to. Complete with breath taking photos of the Hampta Pass trek, this work of art by Venkatesh Allu has got to be one of our favorites!

How we celebrated Durga Puja at Sandakphu

The Sandakphu trek is fascinating for many reasons. Computer Science student Asmita went on this well-trodden trail with her family for Puja holidays. And boy did they love their unconventional Puja holiday!

Each day is a Musical on the Buran Ghati trek

When Neha decided to go on the Buran Ghati trek with her husband, little did she know that the beautiful meadows of Dayara would bring out the romantic in her. She just couldn’t stop humming! Click here to read (listen) to her Sound Of Music moments.

A Video On Hampta Pass That You Shouldn’t Miss!

In September 2016 Vignesh Shenoy went with Indiahikes on a trek to Hampta Pass. He returned with this mind-blowing video. Check it out here!

How even the most experienced trekkers can get lost in the mountains

When Sachin Jha went on the Kanamo Peak trek, little did he expect his most experienced trek leader, Saranbir Singh, to go missing. Dusk turned to night and nobody had heard from him. Here’s the story of what played out on the trail!

Blogs about Hampta Pass

The Hampta Pass has a dynamic and impressively stunning pass-crossing experience to offer. Read more about the glorious Hampta Pass from these Blogs by our trekkers!

How to choose a Himalayan trek

Which trek should you go on this year? Which month, which state, which season? This short video will help you take a quick decision.

5 Reasons You Should Begin Trekking

“We trek not to escape life, but so ‘life’ doesn’t escape us.” Trekking isn’t just the most beautiful way of travelling, but it’s also a life lesson that you must gift to yourself someday. Nisha Ann Reginald lists five good reasons for you to start trekking.
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