A Beginner’s Guide to Get Fit for a High Altitude Trek

At Indiahikes we believe that getting fit for a trek enhances your trek experience. Here is a training guide to get fit for your high altitude trek.

5 Steps to Take Care of Your Trekking Shoes

It doesn’t matter how good your trekking or hiking shoes are if you don’t maintain them well. So here are 5 simple steps to take care of your shoes and keep them clean and healthy for re-use.

Why alcohol is a big NO at high altitude

Many people drink alcohol at high altitude assuming it keeps them warm. But they cannot be more wrong. Here’s why.

Is it safe to trek in Kashmir?

Many trekkers call us worried about trekking in Kashmir. But the Kashmir valley is relatively safe for trekking. In this video, Arjun tells us what the situation is like in Kashmir and what precautions one should take.

Why Should Tarsar Marsar Be On Your Bucketlist?

Trekking in Kashmir is unique in many ways but few other treks can match up to the experience of doing Tarsar Marsar. Here Arjun Majumdar tells us why this trek must be in your bucket list.

How difficult is the Kashmir Great Lakes trek?

The Kashmir Great Lakes is a moderate-difficult trek, which means that one needs to be physically fit to do the trek. Here’s an interview with Sandhya, who explains just how difficult the trek is.

How to keep warm on a high altitude trek

The secret to staying warm in freezing temperatures is the same principle that we follow in cold winters. Layering.
In this video Swathi explains what all you need to stay comfortably warm on your Himalayan trek.

What are HAPE and HACE?

HAPE and HACE, two advanced forms of altitude sickness are rare, but brutal. It’s important to know about them to recognise the symptoms. Here are Swathi and Sandhya discussing the symptoms and treatment of HAPE and HACE.

How to avoid sunburn on a trek

High altitude sun can be very damaging to your skin cells. The UV rays are much stronger in the mountains. So here’s a video where Swathi hands out tips to protect yourself from high altitude sun!

Can you trek during your periods?

If you’re trek dates and periods coincide, don’t worry! It’s alright to trek during your periods. In this episode, Swathi interviews Sandhya UC, a partner at Indiahikes. Sandhya gives you quick and effective tips to manage periods in the mountains.

How to Ranger Roll your T-shirt

Here’s a quick tip you can use while packing your backpack. Roll up your tshirt in a Ranger Roll to keep your clothes as compact as possible. Here’s Swathi with a Ranger Roll tutorial!

How to choose a Himalayan trek

Which trek should you go on this year? Which month, which state, which season? This short video will help you take a quick decision.