Indiahikes Opens Up A New Trek In The Jungles Of Chhattisgarh

We have opened up a new trek and it is not in the Himalayas! Trek through the green jungles of Chhattisgarh that are very much reminiscent of the Kipling’s The Jungle Book. Each day offers a new scenery and is a delight for anyone looking for something different than a Himalayan trek.

How Trekking With Your Child Can Be A Great Bonding Experience

Often, you come across articles about how trekking is beneficial to children. But have you given a thought to what you might experience with them?

Important Update For Gaumukh-Tapovan Trekkers

Our last two teams of the season returned from Gaumukh unable to cross over the crevasses on the glacier. Tapovan seems inaccessible so far. Here’s a detailed update.

Kedartal Trek, May 12th Batch Cancelled

With continuous snowfall over the past two days on the Kedartal trek, snow has blocked the trail and made it very unstable. So we will not be running the May 12th batch.

Why Every Trek Should Be Attempted With The Anxiety Of Your First Trek

Prachi Kulkarni, an experienced trekker, writes about an important life lesson she learnt while attempting the Roopkund trek.

A 10-year-old’s Adventure To The Mighty Chandrashila Peak

This ten-year-old had all her bookish adventures come true on her first Himalayan trek to Deoriatal Chandrashila. All thanks to her father who also got to teach her a few life lessons along the trail.

How to tie your shoelace so that it doesn’t come off

Have you ever had to stop while climbing on a trek, simply to bend down and tie your shoelace? Here is a quick tip by Swathi on tying the perfect knot.

Contribute as a Guest Writer on the Indiahikes website

It’s not everyday that you get a chance to be read by thousands of trekkers. The Indiahikes website gives you just that opportunity!

A grand photo story on the Everest Base Camp – Gokyo Ri trek

The Everest Base Camp trek via Gokyo Ri and Chola Pass is a grand one. Not many people get a chance to be amongst such big mountains. Arun Nayak captures the trek in this awe-inspiring photo story.

Why Buran Ghati Is A Terrific Alternative To Roopkund Trek

Buran Ghati is a special trek. A trail that offers the best of all Himalayan treks in a single platter, Buran stands at par with the juggernaut that is Roopkund trek. Arjun Majumdar tells you why.

Har Ki Dun: A photo story of the doorway to ancient Himalayan villages

Har Ki Dun is a trail where time has stood still. Here’s how the folds of the mountains hide them away from the outside world.

Sandakphu: Seeing the Everest at the horizon

Have you ever been in such a height where the sun begins to rise from below you? On a trek where one foot is in a different country than the other? That’s Sandakphu for you.