Our New Upcycling Ideas at the Sandakphu Base Camp: Jaubhari Updates

New upcycling ideas always gets us excited. Having more upcycled ideas means more ways to use the waste generated on the Himalayan slopes. It is no surprise that every upcycled item is a high-five moment for us. Read more in our updates from Sandakphu.

Lohajung Comes Up With New Upcycling Ideas: Updates From Roopkund

Read about the upcycling ideas at Lohajung, the Roopkund base camp.

Local Hero Pavithra: How This 65-Year Old Finds Creative Ways To Upcycle Waste

Local Hero Pavithra has been doing for years, what we have been trying to do for months. Upcycling plastic. Read about how Pavithra makes plastic mats with the soft plastic waste generated in her village.

Trekkers And Villagers Come Together To Bring Down 1,807 Kgs From Roopkund

As the Roopkund trek season comes to an end we are proud of how we’ve managed to bring down tonnes of garbage down. Read this article to see the growing involvement of villagers, trekkers and local staff in our projects.

How your waste can be a resource: Green Trails Updates, Jaubhari

Check out what upcycling practices our Green Trails team have been up to in Jaubhari and Sepi.

125 Kgs Of Waste Segregated As Trekkers And Locals Come Together At Roopkund Base Camp- Lohajung

A little bit of motivation and a lot of persistence goes a long way in sustaining sustainable practice. Read about how our trekkers and local villagers continue their sustainability journey with us.

Find Out What New Green Ideas Jaubhari Has This Summer

Our folks at Jaubhari are stepping into unchartered territory. June has been a month of new ideas and new learnings. We got plenty of opportunities to work with the local school and villagers on multiple green projects.

How Green Trails Ups Its Waste Management Game in Lohajung

Summer in Lohajung brings with a lot of Green Trails work. Read about how our team works with the local staff, local women and children to take green agendas forward.

Change your mindset, manage your waste: Local Hero Jeevan Shows How

Meet our local hero from the village of Jaubhari – Jeevan Rai, whose actions speak louder than his words. His is a story of how thinking globally, and acting locally can bring about a wonderful change through small steps.

For Local Hero Rukmani Devi, Upcycling Is Not Just About The Money Anymore

Here’s the story of a woman who has defied the society, gone above and beyond the call of duty, to take the Green Trails mission forward.

Upcycling Waste To Make Furniture: Latest Green Trails Pursuit

The Green Trails team at Jaubari upcycled bottles and construction waste to make furniture. Read about this and other Green Trails updates here.

How Plastic Bottles Were Upcycled At Remote Villages In Uttarakhand

A big Green Trails team in the Himalayas came up with an innovative way of upcycling disposable water bottles into construction bricks. Take a look!