Why Waste Crisis Is A Behavioral Problem – A TedX Talk By Our Green Trails Head

Here is the full script of the TedX Talk by our Green Trails Head, Lakshmi Selvakumaran. Here, she talks about waste crisis as a behavioural problem.

How Our Local Hero Nima’s Simple Idea Reduced Reckless Littering On The Sandakphu Trail

Nima Rai from the town of Rimbik in Darjeeling comes up with a radically simple idea that helped cut down trash on Sandakphu trail. Read more about him here.

Promoting Sustainable Menstruation In The Mountains: The Story So Far

Our Green Trails team has been active on the Sandakphu slope spreading awareness about sustainable menstruation. And slowly but surely, they are succeeding.

How our Local Hero Sukhman Daju Helped Create An Eco-Village in Sandakphu

Sukhman Daju is the go-to person for our Green Trails team at the Sandakphu base camp. He has helped Indiahikes make Jaubhari a model eco-village. Read more to know how.

How a Solo Female Traveller From Germany Found Home and Peace in Kuling: The Story of Local Hero Elisabeth

When Local Hero Elisabeth came to Uttarakhand 16 years ago, she was not a local. Today, she is one of them. Read about how she made her way into people’s hearts, their lives as she took an initiative in their environmental welfare.

Roopkund Base Camp On Its Zero Waste Journey, Updates from Lohajung

At our Roopkund base camp, we are stepping up our zero waste journey. Read about how women empowerment and local initiative go hand in hand with Indiahikes

Find Out What New Green Ideas Jaubhari Has This Summer

Our folks at Jaubhari are stepping into unchartered territory. June has been a month of new ideas and new learnings. We got plenty of opportunities to work with the local school and villagers on multiple green projects.

For Local Hero Rukmani Devi, Upcycling Is Not Just About The Money Anymore

Here’s the story of a woman who has defied the society, gone above and beyond the call of duty, to take the Green Trails mission forward.

Students, Shopkeepers, Govt Officials At Sari, Uttarakhand, Go The Green Way

Sari, a small village in Uttarakhand, takes a lead on waste management and creating awareness about environmental issues. The Green Trails team brings you updates from the Deoriatal Chandrashila trek base camp village.

Green trails – what, why and how?

Indiahikes has been running the Green Trails initiative for over five years now. The main aim of this initiative is to leave the mountains in a better condition than before.

The silent threat to Sandakphu

Several beautiful trails in the Himalayas are being badly affected by human presence. Our Green Trail Crusader, Lakshmi, shares a little piece of advise after having stayed on the Sandakphu slope for a month.

Why Green Trails

  As trekkers, it is our responsibility to ensure we leave the trails in a better state than we find them. This is our belief with respect to the environment. Being a responsible trekking community, Indiahikes has always tried to solve the problems of the mountains. Garbage on the trails, on river beds, in flowing streams, at roadsides, near […]