What Makes Us Hire Or Let Go Of People

Did you know that our biggest recruitment decision is not based on qualification, skill or work experience? This article gives you an idea of what makes us hire people, or let go of them.

How Trekkers Help The Economy In The Mountains

Here are some real life stories about the Indiahikes mountain staff, and how Indiahikes trekkers have helped economy in the mountains grow. You may have even met a few of these people. Read on to know more.

Why Trek Leading Is A Great Option For Women 

More women are working in the outdoors now, than ever before. Read this article to know more about the challenges and rewards of being a women Trek Leader.

The Challenges Of The Green Trails Fellowship: Notes From A Fellow

Being a Green Trails Fellow in the mountains is no cake walk. Here are the biggest challenges any Fellow is likely to face working on the environment in the mountains.

How All Teams Undergo Training At Indiahikes

At Indiahikes all our staff undergo training. Be it high altitude safety training, evacuation training, or consistency in cooking healthy meals.

What We Look For In Applicants At Indiahikes

Working at Indiahikes can be extremely rewarding, but that’s if you fit in and embrace the values of the organisation. Here’s what we look for in applicants

Who Would Be A Great Trek Coordinator At Indiahikes?

We are looking for someone who would like to grow their career at Indiahikes. He must be a trekker at heart and a natural communicator.

What is it like to be a Green Trails Intern?

Want to be a Green trails intern but not sure what it’s about? Here is a brief of what Green trails is, what we do, our focus areas and your role in it.

Why Work at Indiahikes

Working with Indiahikes is not the same as working elsewhere It is challenging, both on a professional and personal front. Here is a peek into what it is like to work at Indiahikes.

Contribute as a Guest Writer on the Indiahikes website

It’s not everyday that you get a chance to be read by thousands of trekkers. The Indiahikes website gives you just that opportunity!

Trek Leading In The Himalayas As A Career

If you want to be a trek leader, read this. Being a trek leader is not easy. It’s a wonderful job, where you get to be in the mountains for a long time, but it’s a tremendously demanding job, where you have to be on your toes almost 24/7!