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It was incredible. This is the first trek I’ve been to and I can’t see how anything was off from the organization. We had a wonderful trek leader SJ, who guided us through all processes of trekking. Also the guides were very helpful and nice. Tents were so good and so were the sleeping bags. Hampta pass in itself was a beautiful place to be and one couldn’t hope for better. The idea of eco bags is really brilliant too. Truly appreciate the organization on the whole. Big fan. Will be back!

It was a beautiful visual experience without being physically taxing. Incredible, soul-stirring views.

It’s a beginner’s paradise. Being my first ever high altitude trek, it turned out to be a perfect mix of difficult and easy trails. The best part about Hampta is that it has everything starting from crossing rivers to climbing snow walls. Everything about this trek is perfectly balanced apart from just one i.e. beauty. It’s too much to absorb

There are many things which are special about Har Ki Dun trek. Trekking along river, spending a day at Har ki Dun valley, exploring Valley leading towards Jaundhar glacier, trekking to Maninda Tal, going through Age old villages(Oslo, Gangarh) untouched by civilization and many more. During my trek, one incident struck me pretty hard. It’s during the second day of our trek (Puaani Garaat to Kalkatiyadar) we faced a landslide. Trek Guide(Prahaladh) is helping us to cross the landslide and I have crossed it then came the turn of my friend (Puneet). While he is crossing and when he is in the middle of landslide area stones started rolling down and coming in all the directions. Me and trek guide was at the other end of the landslide section and shouting to my friend that stones are rolling and cross it quickly. He couldn’t cross it and just struck in the middle of it. At that moment without even thinking for a second about himself our trek guide jumped to my friend and covered him. And the guide stayed in the middle of landslide section till every trekker crossed it safely. This incident struck me pretty hard and I don’t need to explain how much you care about your trekkers.

In simple terms, I LOVED the trek! It was my first experience with Indiahikes, & I’m glad! The food, organization, hardworking & entertaining team of trek leaders, porters & everyone–not to mention the beautiful place–made this an amazing experience of a lifetime! I am sure I’ll trek again with Indiahikes in the future! Great job & keep it up! 🙂

If there is one thing I had to pick, it’s the campsites. With each passing day, the beauty of the trail just keeps on increasing, especially, the trail passing through the Osla village. The brown old buildings harmoniously merge with the forests and mountains and as a spectator, I could only stare in awe. The final surprise, however, is the last campsite, where the three peaks of Har ki Dun stand tall while a gentle river silently flows next to them. As the camp came to sight, we just sat down and took in the beauty. And then we had our ginger tea! Indiahikes is a family. From the moment I registered, I was taken care of. Be it the coordinators, TLs, staff or the really helpful local guides, everyone played their parts with care, wisdom and enthusiasm. No doubt we were so motivated.