Top 13 best treks in India

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Best treks in India

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The 13 Best Treks Of  India

Want to experience the Himalayas but have no idea which trek would be the ideal choice? This guide will help make it easy for you.

For the past 10 years the Indiahikes team have explored all our trails extensively – often mapping out these trails for the first time in the country.

All of these 13 treks have been carefully selected after much deliberation.

We consider these treks to be a complete package. Not only do they offer beautiful sights, but also are packed with adventure, surprises and awe-inspiring history.


“The 13 Best Treks of India” is a 16-page guide covering everything you need to know to find the right Himalayan trek for you.

Inside you’ll discover:

  • The 13 treks we think you’ll love most based on our experience and feedback from over 15,000 trekkers each year
  • Why each trek made it onto the list? A glimpse at what each of them has to offer
  • The best season and time of the year for each of the treks.
  • How difficult is each trek? So that you can pick the one best suited to your fitness and ability.

About The Team

The Indiahikes team leads over 15,000 trekkers each year and is instrumental in bringing out great treks in India. All great treks in India have either been discovered, the route modified, or simply brought to people’s attention by Indiahikes.
Indiahikes is also a pioneer in bringing modern safety standards to Indian trekking. Today trekking in India is a lot safer thanks to the processes and equipment brought in by Indiahikes.


Here’s what some of our happy trekkers have to say…

“The Indiahikes team is extremely professional with very good trek guides and excellent overall trek management. Most importantly very co-operative team in terms of refunds/cancellations etc.”

“Thank God I chose to go with Indiahikes because everything related to the trek right from management to personnel to facilities is just amazing! And I can’t wait for my next trek with you guys. You are the best! I will see you again next year.”

“Safety – first and biggest reason – to go through Indiahikes. It feels safe., properly trained group leader with an oxygen cylinder and other equipment.”

“Indiahikes run as a community rather than a profit-seeking organisation. They know how to respect nature and also imbibe this respect in their trekkers. They make every effort to ensure that we go back with a rewarding experience. It’s an experience, rather than just a trek. They give the opportunity to be in the lap of nature in the rawest form possible.”

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Best treks in India