Can you provide vegan food on treks?

Most of our food is vegan. If you require food without butter, milk and curd, please inform your Ground Coordinator in advance. He/she will keep our cooks on the slope informed.

Can you provide Jain food on treks?

Yes. We can provide you with Jain food. Just inform your Ground Coordinator before getting on the trek so that he/she an intimate our cooks well in advance.

Do you provide non vegetarian food on treks?

No. We don’t provide non-vegetarian food on treks. There’s a reason behind this.

Non-vegetarian food consists of a lot of proteins. It takes a lot of time and energy for your body to break down proteins. When you’re on a high altitude trek, you don’t want your body to exert itself trying to process food. You must eat a light and balanced diet.

For your protein intake, we provide you with paneer, soya and eggs where possible.

What kind of food does Indiahikes provide?

Indiahikes provides Indian vegetarian food. Your typical meal will consist of roti (Indian bread), sabzi (vegetable), dal (lentils) and rice. Add to it a sumptuous dessert. (Psst… Many of our trekkers tell us they want to trek again simply for the food we serve.)

We serve three meals a day – breakfast, lunch and dinner. Apart from that, you’ll get tea and snacks in the evening and a hot cup of soup before dinner. If you’re in for a long day of trekking, you’ll get a packed snack as well.

Our menu is designed after elaborate research on nutritional requirements for trekkers. We take the exercise put in, the altitude gained and the weather you’ll face into consideration before putting each meal together. You’ll notice that every meal is nutritionally well-balanced with the right amount of carbs, protein, vitamins, fibre and calories.

Add to that the expertise of our cooks. They’ve all undergone intensive training to be where they are. The meals they dish out will have you licking your fingers! 

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