Is it safe for children to trek?

Yes, it is. You must understand that there is a certain age to get children start trekking and only certain kind of treks they can do. We will detail them.

By the time kids are 6-7 years old, they are ready for a day trek. You can take them on a day trek around the city and see how they fare.  When kids are eight or nine they are strong enough for a four/five day Himalayan trek. However, they cannot do treks that have long hours of trekking. Children have short bursts of energy and difficult treks are just going to tire them out. This article has listed out the best Himalayan treks you can do with your children:

Is it safe for those above 60 to trek?

This depends on your fitness, prior trek experience and your lifestyle. We would be able to guide you personally. Please give us a call on 9343831803 before registering.

I’m a solo woman trekker. Is it safe for me to trek?

Absolutely! Around 33 per cent of Indiahikes trekkers are women and a lot of them come solo. None of them have faced any issues on the trek. In fact many of them say they feel safest when they’re on a trek.

There will surely be other women on the trek. And our tents are usually separate for men and women. You’re sure to find some like minded women on the trek.

This article will help ease your mind:

How does Indiahikes ensure my safety?

At Indiahikes, we aim at taking safety levels to a global standard. We have worked on it over the past seven years. By now, it is safe to say that Indiahikes is the safest trekking organisation.

We look at safety through three aspects: 1. The processes we follow 2. The equipment we carry and 3. The people we work with. Indiahikes is the leading trekking organisation in India. We have been perfecting our safety operations over years to adhere to international processes.

Our Trek Leaders are certified mountaineers who are trained repeatedly on safety issues. They are all also NOLS certified Wilderness Safety Responders. NOLS is a non profit global wilderness school. This is not a certification you get easily.

Like our Trek Leaders, our mountain staff are also trained in safety processes. We do not outsource our work. Our mountain staff have been working with us for years and imbibing the safety processes of Indiahikes.

We carry equipment to take precautions and also ensure safety. Microspikes make it safe to trek on slippery surfaces. Pulse oximeters are used to keep track of your oxygen saturation.

We check your Blood Pressure at the base to see it is within the medically accepted level. Oxygen cylinders and gamow bags are carried for extreme circumstances.

You will find this article to be of utmost help:

Our founder Arjun Majumdar details the all what we do as an organisation for a safe trek.

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