Can I carry my own sleeping bag?

If you have a sleeping bag that can withstand the negative temperatures of the Himalayas, by all means, carry it. Make sure you have enough space in your backpack to carry it.
On another note, the sleeping bags we provide are comfortable, roomy and clean. We would encourage you to use those instead of carrying added weight

How do you ensure hygiene of sleeping bags?

We provide every trekker with a sleeping bag liner at the start of the trek. These liners are washed before every use. You first get into the liner and then into your sleeping bag. This ensures that you’re not coming in contact with the sleeping bag directly. So you’ll remain clean and so will the sleeping bags. You’ll have to return the liners at the base camp at the end of the trek.

Are tents and sleeping bags enough to keep us warm?

The Hillman tents and sleeping bags are made specially for our high altitude treks, keeping the low temperatures in mind. They will keep you a good ten degrees warmer than the temperature actually is.

Along with your warm wear, you might as well be sleeping in your own bed!

Check out this video to see what a sleeping bag looks like and how to use it –

Where do we stay overnight on treks?

On most of the treks, you will be camping overnight. You will be sleeping in tents – with three people in a tent. You will be provided sleeping bags and liners as well. These tents are made to order specifically for Indiahikes treks. They are spacious and comfortable.

This accommodation is usually separate for men and women, unless you can get a third person to stay with you.

On a few treks such as Sandakphu, Everest Base camp and Valley of Flowers, you will be staying at tea houses/lodges. These are similar to home stays, with rooms available for two, three and four people. Depending on the size of your batch, you will be allotted rooms.  

Also, on most treks, the base camp stay is usually arranged in a lodge.  

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