What will the cost be to customise a trek just for our group?

For a group of less than 20 trekkers

You will have to pay Rs 1000 for 20-x trekkers. This means that a batch of 15 trekkers will have to pay Rs 5000 extra, a group of 16 trekkers will have to pay Rs 4000 extra and so on.

For a group of 20 or more trekkers

Apart from the trek fee, no extra charges will need to be paid.

In which months can you customise treks for me?

Organising a custom batch is subjected to the time of the year. In peak season, organising a custom batch can be difficult. We have pre running batches scheduled for almost every day of the week.

If you can plan your trek a few months in advance, then it becomes easier for us to plan the logistics.

How many people do you need to customise a trek?

We organise customised batches for a group of 15+ trekkers.

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