Should I buy any snow gear?

Apart from your warm clothes, you wouldn’t need any more snow-specific gear. We provide microspikes for better traction on snow, and gaiters so that snow doesn’t get into your shoes.

What gear will Indiahikes provide on the trek?

Indiahikes will provide all the common gear on personal in nature, required for your trek. These include tents, sleeping bags, sleeping mats, crampons and gaiters. You need to bring your clothes which include warm wear, shoes, backpack and a trek pole.

Does Indiahikes rent any gear?

You will be able to rent shoes,  thick jackets and trek poles from us on select slopes. Write to us at Rental requests will be taken only online.

Can I pick up gear from the Indiahikes office?

Yes, of course you can! 🙂  Just give us a call at +91 9343831803 before you come. We need to check if the items you need are in our office.

How do I buy gear from Indiahikes?

You can order your gear from here:

You will be able to collect it from your base camp.

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