What are the insurance premium rates?

The rates are very reasonable. Insurance premium for most of our treks in below Rs 100.

How do I avail the insurance amount?

You can avail the insurance by ticking on this box on your registration page:

If you are already registered and want to avail an insurance, write to your Ground Coordinator. They will help you avail it.

What does the insurance cover?

The Trek Insurance is pretty comprehensive. Trekkers between the ages 8 and 65 years can avail the insurance. Treks up to 20,000 ft are covered. It covers slip and fall injuries, accidents on a road journey (eg. car accident from Dehradun to Sankri), emergency evacuation and Death on a trek.

Do you have insurance for trekkers?

Yes, we have tied up with Religare and outlined an accident insurance plan. You can avail the insurance on the trek registration page. Tick the box that is circled in red.

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