Which is the best month to see snow on a trek?

In India, snow fall starts in the second half of December and then carries on from January to early March. If you want to do an out and out snow trek, December last week to end of March is the time. You may experience snow fall too.

During this December to March period, the very high altitude treks going to 14,000 ft and above shuts. Treks that go up to 12,500 ft are the ones which are open and give you the snow experience.

The above 14,000 ft treks open from May and it is this accumulated winter snow that they have in the summer months of May and June. If you want to walk on snow on a trek, May and June are the best times.

September, October generally has no snow even at the high passes. It may snow on an odd day but the snow melts off within a days sunshine.

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