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Why do a COVID Test before your Trek

We strongly encourage trekkers to do an RT-PCR COVID test before their travel to Uttarakhand. Here’s why.

Top 5 Treks to do This Winter (Plus COVID news update)

Snow treks in the Himalayas always have a charm about them. Here, we list out the best winter treks to do in the Himalayas.

From a DIY Trekker to the Head of Documentation Team at Indiahikes — My Journey

How many of us have been lucky enough to give back to the community from where we have received so much? Suhas’s is one such rare story!

How to Travel Safely to Uttarakhand during Covid Times

Since we reopened our treks, the only question that’s been on the trekkers’ minds is how to travel safely to Uttarakhand. Read to know how.

Tarsar Marsar – The Trek That Helped Me Find My Soulmate

Our trekker, Vivek Agarwal shares his happiest moment on the Tarsar Marsar trek that turned out to be the happiest moment of his life!

How We Keep Students Safe During the Himalayan Mountain Challenge Program

Many a times we get asked about the safety of students on a Himalayan Mountain Challenge. Read on to know how we keep your students safe!

Indiahikes 31-Point Safety Check for Trekking during COVID times

Small groups can now start trekking with us! We have opened up 8 Himalayan treks with a 31-point safety check. Read about it here.

Indiahikes all set to Restart Himalayan Treks

We’re restarting treks! Read to know how you can take part in the treks we have opened up currently.

What The Trek To A Himalayan Peak Taught Me

Prateek Raj, Assistant Professor of Strategy at IIM Bangalore writes about his experience of his trek to Kedarkantha peak with his students. Read to know more!

How Does Learning Happen On The Himalayan Mountain Challenge Program?

Have you wondered how students are going to learn on a Himalayan Mountain Challenge? Read on to know how your students can benefit from it!

How The Himalayan Mountain Challenge Transforms Students Into Collaborative Leaders

Here’s how the Himalayan Mountain Challenge transforms B School students into Collaborative Leaders through Experiential Learning on treks.

197 Terrific Local Treks To Do During COVID-19 — Recommended By Trekkers

Here are 197 terrific local treks for you that you can do during the Coronavirus pandemic. These are treks you can easily do on your own.