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11 Offbeat Kashmir Experiences And Places to Visit After Your Trek

We have put together a list of offbeat experiences that will allow you to gain a deeper appreciation of Kashmir’s beauty, culture, and history. Take a look!

News from Treks: On Weather, Travel and Guidelines

Follow this page for the latest news and updates on travel guidelines, weather, trek-related information RT-PCR Negative Certificate Mandatory to Return to Maharashtra, Karnataka | Aug 2 This is for trekkers returning to Maharashtra or Karnataka after their trek. As per the new COVID-19 guidelines, you need an RT-PCR Negative Certificate to board the flight […]

Should Trekkers Offload or Not? What Do You Think?

Participate in this debate on whether trekkers should offload their backpacks on Himalayan treks and why. Click to share your opinion.

Hampta Pass Trek Blog: When I Broke My Shoe on the Trek

Day zero trek to the Jobra camp went by smoothly and my shoes were ready to go. They easily supported me along with the moderately heavy bag I carried. The trek poles were shunted in the bag, to be used only during the final days. We reached our camp, took them off and had no […]

Why Each Campsite on the Hampta Pass trek is Unique

One of the striking things about Hampta Pass trek is its unique campsites. Each one is different from the other. This blog dives deep into why each campsite is unique. Take a look!

How Trekking Can Transform Your Outlook: A Trekker’s Personal Story

When Raashi met with an accident, her life came to an abrupt pause. Her outlook changed, her zest for life disappeared. Until she went on a Himalayan trek.

Himachal Pradesh Removes Prohibitive Order on Trekking in Kullu-Manali

The Office of the District Tourism Development Officer reversed the prohibitive-order on trekking in the Kullu-Manali region that was issued yesterday. Here’s the latest news.

Best Himalayan Treks for Bird Watching (With Top 12 Birds to Watch Out For)

If bird watching in the Himalayas is your primary reason to trek, this guide is a must read on how you can watch these beautiful creatures!

How to Get Started with Composting Your Kitchen Waste – Expertise from Daily Dump

A pioneering organisation to educate people about composting and makers of high quality composters talk about the basics of composting.

10 Tips to Trek Like a Pro During Monsoon

In this post, we cover gear-related tips, a few camping tips and some bonus trips for those trekking on their own this monsoon. Take a look.

RT-PCR Certificate Mandatory to Enter Valley of Flowers

This is a latest update from the Valley of Flowers trek. Slope manager Pradyumna Shivaraj reports about the latest COVID-19 protocols to be followed to enter Uttarakhand, and the valley

Expert Analysis on a HAPE Case in the Himalayas: A Real Life Case Study

Here’s a real life case study that takes you through the evacuation of a HAPE-affected trekker on the Hampta Pass trek in the Himalayas.